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​Mamma Beauty.

​Mamma Massage for pregnant women, based on natural, hypoallergenic and highly effective masks to preserve beauty during and after pregnancy, breast

mask for stomach, stimulates the skin's strength and elasticity, prevents stretch marks and subsequent sagging skin. Massage for legs that fight and prevent cellulite, great for fluid retention, slow circulation, and heavy legs, back massage which relieve tension and relax the muscles.

Recommended during pregnancy and lactation.
Beautyful Mamma bestows safety and well-being during pregnancy.

Duration: 60 min.

Price: Kr.999, -

​Trigger Point Massage

​Trigger Point Massage is the most effective method of natural treatment of difficult muscle pain, stiffness and tension in the body and the discomfort associated with it. Also tension headaches can often be effectively treated with Trigger Point Massage.

Duration: 30 min
Price: Kr 549, -

Duration: 60 min
Price: Kr 899, -

​Wellness Massage

​Relaxing massage based on strokes, deep petrissage and finger pressure on skin and upper muscle tissue layers. The massage stimulates blood circulation, relieves tensions and banishes stress.

Duration: 60 mins

Price: Kr. 699,-

5 times a 60 mins Kr.2995,-

10 times a 60 mins Kr.5490,-

Duration: 90 mins.

Price: Kr. 999,-

​Deep Tissue Massage

​A harder massage of the inner muscle tissue layers to help relieve tense, strained or injured muscles. Recommended for those with recurring problems such as neck or back pain.

Duration: 60 mins.

Price: Kr.799,-

10 times a 60 mins Kr.7000,-

Duration: 90 mins.

Price: Kr. 999,-

​Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage

​Relaxing back, neck and shoulders and massage.

Duration: 30 mins.

Price: Kr.449,-

​Shirodhara Massage

A true relaxing massage for body and mind - a must have.

Shirodhara is a treatment of inadvertently wellness,a thousand years old Indian treatment. Its influence relieve accumulated stress with deep relaxation, which improves the sensesand diffculties with focusingand sleep disturbances. It helps to improve eyesight, memory, circulation and increases circulation and cleansing process.

The treatment begins with 60 min. deep massage, then 20 min Shirodara (a thin stream of warm oil on a fokalt point on the forehead) followed by a nice scalp massage.

Duration: 90 mins.

Price: Kr 1199,-

Hotstone Massage

Wellness for the body, caress for the soul

​Chakra Hot Stone Massage: Your body and soul will no longer be separate entities, but will flow into each other in a magnificent moment where only ‘the relaxed you' exists. An elevated moment that breaks up the daily routine, a thousand-year-old treatment that creates an oasis of peace of mind all for you.

Duration: 60 mins.

Price: Kr. 799,-

Duration: 90 mins.

Price: Kr. 999,-

​Relax Spa & Massage

​This treatment begins with a full body peeling treatment. Afterwards, experience a 38oC/100oF bubbling genuine Jacuzzi spa. Feel the Jacuzzi's patented micro bubbles loosen sore joints/muscleswhich massages you twice as efficiently as any other spa. Served with fresh fruit and ice-cold refreshments. Finally, enjoy a 55-minute massage.

Duration: 90 mins.

Price:Kr 1199,-

​Pregnancy Massage

​This massage, which takes place on a special pregnancy pillow, works to avoid strain on sore joints, the neck and back, and increases energy levels by stimulating blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

Duration: 60 mins.

Price:Kr 799,-

Duration: 90 mins.

Price:Kr 10

Sports Massage

​Sports massage is both for those who exercise on recreational level and for you who work intensively and often. The main purpose of sports massage is to relieve stress and tension that accumulates in the body's soft tissues during physical activity. Sports massage can also help to loosen tense muscles, relieve swelling and minimize the risk of injury.

Duration: 60 min

Price: Kr 799, -

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